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Best Practices---UNCAC Implementation in China

录入者:Douglas 日期:2017-5-20 12:53:25 人气:45 评论:0

Best Practices---UNCAC Implementation in China

     Much Progress has been made in legal reform, law enforcement and judicial system in China ever since the United Nations Convention against Corruption entered into force for China on 12 February 2006 in accordance with its article 68 (2).Here are some of the best practices from China.

Legal reform for the UNCAC implementation in China.

Anti-bribery in Private Sector

To establish a new anti corruption agency

Mutual legal assistance in fugitives capture without bilateral extradiction Law

Frozen the stolen assets and the prevention of  suspects flee abroad

End impunity- The case of former HKSAR Chief Executive

Stolen Asset Recovery under the framework of UNCAC- the case of Ao Man Long 

Details about the Best Practices of China's UNCAC Implementation,  please refer to the Chinese version:

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